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25th January 2015

Norfolk Towns to Commemorate First Ever Zeppelin Bombings

A hundred years ago towns in Norfolk found themselves to be the targets of German Zeppelins as the first ever airborne bombing raids of World War One onto British land were carried out. On 18 January 1915 at half past eight in the evening the town of Sheringham had two bombs dropped on it from the sky. These actually caused no deaths or injuries, but as other bombs dropped on King's Lynn, Great Yarmouth and the nearby villages the number of dead rose to four people and many others suffered injury, some seriously.

Events will be held over the following week, which will include a light show, to mark the centenary of these attacks. The King's Lynn and West Norfolk Archaeological Society have put together the series of events. One of the highlights will be a projection of an animated Zeppelin airship above the Custom House at King's Lynn, which will be accompanied by a dramatic soundscape and will be followed by a large display of fireworks.

The first church in the country to suffer damage from the bombing raid - Snettisham Church, is itself hosting a World War One exhibition, and one of the organisers of this, Peter Everingham explained that the bombing brought home to local people that the country was at war, and people's lives changed after experiencing at first hand the horrors of the conflict.

The Sheringham Museum will be staging an exhibition relating to the Zeppelin raids. It will have on display the remains of the first ever bomb to drop on British soil. This went through the roof of a local cottage, detonated downstairs, but quick thinking by a local man led to him snatching it up and dumping it in a water trough to extinguish it.