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Norfolk Region News

"Review" below the news from Stayin the Norfolk and surrounding regions. You will find articles about the area and whats going on, features about advertisers, together with news about Stayin.

If you would like to feature a Norfolk or surrounding regions news article here, send through the text and we will consider it for inclusion.

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2nd December 2019

Chinese Tourists to the UK Hit Record Highs

A record number of visits from China to Britain were recorded in the nine months to September 2019, according to new official figures from the British tourist authority.

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12th March 2016

Golf Tourism launches Pennines Golf Trail

If you were asked to name famous Golf Courses in the UK, Gleneagles could be a name that springs to mind, but would you think of the Pennines as having a golf course? Probably not but that is all about to change because my dear golfing companions The Pennines Golf Trail has come into being to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Pennine Way.

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6th August 2015

Norfolk's Happisburgh Beach future is overseen by British Museum

In 2013 Happisburgh Beach in Norfolk became famous, it became important, it became valuable because in 2013 footprints were thrown up from beach that belonged to the earliest form of man we know about. Dr Nick Ashton of the B.M will oversee the work that will be carried out to discover more hidden secrets of our predecessors.

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23rd April 2015

Humpback Whale Spotted off North Norfolk Coast

A bird watching enthusiast on the look out for a rare bird in Kelling, near Holt was amazed when he spotted what experts believe was a humpback whale off the coast. Luckily the bird lover, Kayn Forbes had the presence of mind to take a film recording of the creature although he wasn't sure what exactly he had spotted at first.

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25th January 2015

Norfolk Towns to Commemorate First Ever Zeppelin Bombings

A hundred years ago towns in Norfolk found themselves to be the targets of German Zeppelins as the first ever airborne bombing raids of World War One onto British land were carried out. On 18 January 1915 at half past eight in the evening the town of Sheringham had two bombs dropped on it from the sky. These actually caused no deaths or injuries, but as other bombs dropped on King's Lynn, Great Yarmouth and the nearby villages the number of dead rose to four people and many others suffered injury, some seriously.

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28th August 2014

Independent Lifeboat celebrates 40 years at Sea Palling

For forty years the independent lifeboat of Sea Palling has been saving lives off the North Norfolk coast. This was marked in a celebration which took place on 25th August.

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2nd June 2014

Now is the perfect time for messing about on the water!

Thinking about the onset of summer and thoughts invariably turn to holidays and leisurely days out in the countryside. Dream of spending time out amongst the wildlife and breathtaking scenery of Norfolk and exploring the stunning Norfolk Broads and witness the changing seasons and colours of the flora and fauna.

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20th February 2014

Enjoy a Norfolk Easter, Whitsuntide or Spring break to remember!

Visitors to historic Norfolk and its golden coast this Easter will find lots of events and fun activities as well as some breathtaking scenery for family days out. Whether you prefer the towns and cities with their beautiful architecture, shops and cafes or the stunning coast with miles of sandy beaches, coastal walks and traditional seaside attractions there is sure to be something for you.

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