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Travelling to Norfolk

Norfolk is the fourth largest county in England situated in the East of the country and bordered by Lincolnshire to the West, Cambridgeshire to the South West, and Suffolk to the South. Norfolk protrudes into the North Sea on its East side and also edges The Wash to the North West, a square mouthed bay and estuary stretching 15 miles to Lincolnshire. Norfolk caters for the active outdoorsman with a set of seasonal itineraries available and locations such as The Fens, The Broads, a National Park and several seaside resorts. Dog friendly accommodation is also available! Norfolk is easily accessible be road, rail, air and sea.

By car  
Unlike most counties in the UK, Norfolk does not have a motorway running through it. From the South, the M11 leads onto the A11 which takes you to the hub of the county. From the North and Midlands the M6 and M1 are the main routes south continuing onto the A14 and A11, from the West you will join the M6 using the A44. The best way to avoid getting lost if you do not have a sat nav is to go to www.aarouteplanner.com to plan your route.

By coach/bus 
The www.nationalexpress.com travels from all over the country to many places within Norfolk; not only within the centre of the county but the seaside towns on the outskirts and is the most cost effective but time consuming way of travelling to this region of the UK.

By rail 
www.thetrainline.com includes all UK train services and travels from all over the UK to many different areas in Norfolk. When booked a few weeks in advance the train can be relatively cheap, much quicker than the bus and is more relaxing than driving. You can also take your bike on most trains.

By sea 
If travelling from overseas west of the UK the best place to get the ferry to is Liverpool using both www.directferries.co.uk and www.poferries.com. Travelling from Europe there are ferries to both Newcastle and Dover on www.dfdsseaways.com and to Harwich with www.stenaline.co.uk which is the closest to Norfolk at 2 hours away.

By air 
Norwich Airport is the nearest international airport to Norfolk at a mere 40 minutes away. www.klm.com provide flights from all over the globe to Norwich Airport and www.flybe.com includes a number of different airlines which travel mainly from europe.

Travelling within Norfolk 
www.visitnorfolk.co.uk provides plenty of information in regards to travelling around Norfolk. Travelling by boat is an option if you wish to visit one seaside town to another and boats are readily available to rent by the hour. Bikes and tandems are also on hire if you wish to explore Norfolk this eco-friendly manner, there are of course many cycle paths available from The Sustrans National Cycle Network which spans Norfolk to the quieter paths like Marriot's Way which is highly suitable for children. www.nationalexpresseastanglia.com provides a quick way and cheap way to visit different areas of the county travelling to a number of train stations and bus stations throughout the day; a park and ride service is also available on www.norfolk.gov.uk if you have travelled by car but wish to explore by other means. If wanting to travel by car once in Norfolk, there are many places to hire a car within the town; once mobile there are many coastal roads and vast countryside to be explored of which maps and guides are available to download on www.visitnorfolk.co.uk.