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Waveney Valley
Beccles, South Norfolk

Details for Waveney Valley

The Waveney Valley in south Norfolk is a tranquil and unspoiled wonderland where time seems to stand still and where visitors can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and lose themselves in this peaceful haven.

Waveney Valley runs between Norfolk and Suffolk, and contains the river Waveney. The area is filled with small villages and market towns. The gently rolling countryside is breathtaking and offers ample opportunity for outdoor lovers to walk, cycle or just sit and enjoy the natural habitat of hundreds of birds, small mammals and insects which make it their home. The surrounding grasslands and nature reserves are filled with wild flowers and rare plants, insects and butterflies. The nearby Norfolk Broads are a must for visitors and there are numerous boat trips available offering magical tours of the quiet backwaters and nature trails.

There are seven market towns within the valley and each of them has its own unique charm and atmosphere. There are ancient market squares and village greens, cobbled streets and intriguing alleyways to explore. The buildings and architecture offer visitors an insight into the ancient history, heritage and legacies left behind by our ancestors. Restaurants, coffee shops and tea rooms are very welcoming, family friendly, and offer a great variety of menus.

The weekly markets are filled with a whole array of goods including the very best fresh produce from local farms and a wide variety of homemade preserves, pickles and chutneys. The farmers markets also are filled with...


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