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The Wash
King's Lynn, North Norfolk

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Tidal Mudflats

The Wash is a stunning, square estuary set on the north Norfolk coast of East Anglia. The county of Norfolk lies on the south side and the county of Lincolnshire to the north. This Special Protection Area consists of sweeping sandy bays, mud flats and reed covered salt marshes, which are home to a vast number of sea birds and wildlife.

Pretty clusters of wild flowers grow amidst the softly undulating sand dunes. Wildlife lovers will also delight in the spectacular coastal cliff walks and there are numerous signed and well worn paths suitable for all levels of walkers. Cycling is also a favourite pastime and there is cycle hire available in the area.

For the fisherman there are many wonderful prime sites amongst the fresh water rivers and the estuaries which meander their way into the North Sea. There are trout lakes and gravel pits, teeming with fish and the bay is perfect for bass fishing. Offshore fishing trips are available and provide a perfect day out, some boat owners provide lunch on board.

The wide tidal bay is a perfect place for shellfish to breed and the fishing boats can be seen harvesting their catch of cockles, mussels and shrimps. This attracts many of the birds to feed and some areas, particularly the red and white chalk cliffs near Hunstanton and Snettisham have become designated RSPB reserves. Colonies of seals congregate on the sandy mudflats to raise their pups.

The pretty towns and villages around the Wash are filled with all manner of accommodation and have plenty of shops and interesting places to visit. There are wonderful fish and chip shops serving freshly caught local fish and restaurants offering the best of the...


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