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The Canoe Man
Wroxham, North Norfolk

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Explore the Norfolk broads by canoe with the Canoe Man, and see parts of the broads normally inaccessible, but teaming with wildlife, flora and fauna. Take a guided tour by canoe and glide silently into backwaters only seen by a very few lucky people.

The Broads National Park has so much beauty to offer and yet so very few of us ever get to see a fraction of it...why? Because there are vast areas within the Broads that inaccessible to motor powered boats - whether it's because of shallow water, nature reserves or just narrow ‘tucked away channels'. These ‘backwaters' are havens for wildlife and even in mid summer, when the broads are at their busiest you can always find a peaceful retreat by Canoe!

We have designed 5 ways to explore the Norfolk Broads by canoe as follows, you can mix and match these options as well - so you may choose to spend 2 nights on a Bushcraft trail 2 nights on a B&B trail and then just hire a canoe and go off on your own for the rest of your holiday - we will try to accommodate whatever mix you require. We also offer ‘taster' trails, and we have created one and two day Bushcraft courses for those wishing to learn more about the wilderness and long forgotten skills, and not get there feet wet!

Canoeing allows near silent exploration of all but the most miniscule of the Broads Park waterways - you can paddle down miles of quiet, undisturbed tributaries, dykes and streams often never seeing another soul but often seeing some of the Broads best kept secrets - the Kingfishers - the Bitterns and even the elusive Otter. These and many more secretive and wonderful creatures of the Broads National Park may very, occasionally be seen from your broads cruiser but more...


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The Canoe Man
10 Norwich Road
NR12 8RX
0845 4969177

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