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Sutton Pottery
North Walsham, Norfolk Coast

Details for Sutton Pottery

Sutton Pottery in the village of Sutton is operated by Malcolm Flatman who makes a sells a range of both interesting and functional pottery. Visitors are welcome and pottery lessons are available for small groups.

Looking for gifts, setting up a wedding list, or thinking of slowly replacing a worn-out dinner service? Sutton Pottery is a small "Open Studio" workshop in rural East Norfolk, established by Malcolm Flatman in 1977 in the Broadland village of Sutton, near Stalham. He makes a large range of "reduction" stoneware entirely by hand, in consistent styles and colours .

Malcolm also offers pottery lessons for those wishing to learn to "throw" pots on the potter's wheel. A session of intensive tuition lasts 3 hours, and takes place on Summer weekday evenings, or on Winter days plus some Winter Saturdays. Lessons will resume in early December. Two wheels are available, so two people can share the experience and the cost! Phone or e-mail for more details, to book tuition or buy a lesson gift voucher.

Malcolm has developed an assortment of practical, affordable tableware and kitchenware in a wide variety of glaze colours which he blends himself in the interests of consistency. The product is dishwasher-safe and microwave-proof.

He also produces a multitude of more decorative pieces, including house name plates and other commissions, and some distinctive lamps. He also enjoys the challenge of making orders to customers' own ideas. The pottery carries the distinctive "windmill" symbol.

Our Premises:

Malcolm Flatman re-assembled a 1945 "pre-fab" bungalow in a large rural garden in North-East Norfolk to serve as workshop,...


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Sutton Pottery
Church Road
North Walsham
NR12 9SG
(01692) 580595

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