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East Dereham, South Norfolk

Details for Breckland

The Brecklands is an area in south western Norfolk, renowned for its dry climate and well preserved natural landscape. This historically important area has many distinctive geological features which remain from as far back as the ice age. Medieval settlements and Stone Age flint mines are amongst the many interesting sites to be found.

The Breckland landscape is made up of open, gorse covered sandy heaths and secluded scots pine forests which are perfect habitats for a vast array of wildlife. Many birds, bats and insects have made their homes here as well as numerous small mammals. Rabbits in particular are suited to this habitat and the heaths are filled with warrens, which are now part of a conservation project. Hundreds of species of moths, wild orchids and many rare species of flora and fauna are to be found here, so much so that it has become an internationally important area for botanists and has also become very important with conservationists.

Thetford Forest covers around 80 square miles of the lowlands and is the largest forest of its kind in England. It is managed by the Forestry Commission and was originally planted to provide timber during the First World War, but now too has become populated by a diverse range of wildlife. There are also numerous tracks and trails through the forest which are suitable for walkers, mountain bikers and cyclists of all levels. The traffic free routes are perfect for families.

There are a number of small market towns scattered throughout this quite sparsely populated part of Norfolk, including Swaffham, Thetford, Dereham and Attleborough. Visitors can choose to stay in a variety of accommodation. There...


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