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26th June 2013

The patter of tiger feet welcomed at Banham Zoo!

Banham Zoo has produced the first pair of Siberian tiger cubs born on the international breeding programme from its resident adults Sveta and Kuzma. In the wild these now very rare and magnificent creatures are normally found near the Amur River in Russia, and are also known as Amur Tigers. 

Two brand new Siberian tiger cubs have delighted staff and visitors, having recently made an appearance at Banham Zoo in Norfolk. The cubs were successfully born to Kuzma and Sveta, the resident adult Amur tigers on the zoo's international breeding programme. Sveta was introduced to the zoo from Portugal back in 2011 and Kuzma was born 5 years ago to one of the zoo's late adult female tigers.

These tigers are rare, and are the largest of the tiger species in the world, making this is a very important event in the breeding calendar. The adult male, Kuzma, is one of the most important cats on the programme and his genes are particularly rare in captivity. The cubs birth was recorded and observed in private via CCTV and it is expected that they will make their live appearance outside their cubbing box in around six weeks time, which is sure to attract a great deal of attention.

In the meantime their progress will be closely monitored by staff via the cameras inside the box and visitors will be able to see them on screen from outside the enclosure. The cubs will remain at Banham Zoo for the next eighteen months before they are moved out to join the international breeding programme as adults.