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1st November 2012

Stone the Crows - Norfolk gets a musical scarecrow!

A Norfolk farmer has gone a step further than most and employed a human scarecrow to protect his oilseed rape seedlings from hungry Partridges. The services of local graduate Jamie Fox have been engaged by farmer William Young in a last ditch attempt to save his valuable crop.

After all else failed in his bid to deter pesky partridges from dining on the young shoots of his rapeseed plants, farmer William Young of Aylsham in Norfolk decided to take a more unusual approach to bird scaring. He advertised for a human scarecrow, and found the perfect man for the job in music graduate Jamie Fox. Jamie puts his musical talents and his time to good use as he practices playing his collection of instruments from his deckchair in the 10 acre field.

Come rain or shine he can be seen sporting his fluorescent bright orange jacket and strumming the odd tune to keep the birds at bay. It appears to be working, as less damage is being done to the young plants, which were being decimated by the birds, the cost of which ran into thousands of pounds.

Jamie is making the most of his unique job, he is loving the freedom and enjoying the wonderful Norfolk air, whilst brushing up on his skills by teaching himself to play the ukulele. He hopes to raise enough money to fund a trip to New Zealand.

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