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2nd May 2012

Peregrine falcon chick hatches in Norwich

Following last years disappointment when a single peregrine falcon egg was produced but failed to hatch, it is particularly exciting news that one of a clutch of four eggs has now hatched on a specially built platform on the spire of Norwich Cathedral. 

After a 200 year wait the city of Norwich has the exciting news to announce that a peregrine falcon chick has now hatched above the streets of the city, on top of Norwich Cathedral. The chick has been sighted in a nest up on a high platform which was specially built and placed on the spire by the bird conservation group, The Hawk and Owl Trust back in March. There are four eggs in the nest and the first hatched chick is said to look healthy and well. Experts who are keeping a close eye on proceedings are very excited at the unfolding developments and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the next three chicks. 

The Hawk and Owl Trust are delighted that these magnificent birds are now back in Norwich after last years failed attempt when no live chicks were produced. Conservationists are convinced that this years eggs are from a new adult female. The cathedral has been receiving lots of visitors, eager to find out about the welfare of the chicks and expect it to continue until they are fledged in around six weeks time.

For more information and to follow activity at the site see our 24-hours a day webcam by visiting the Hawk and Owl Trust website.