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22nd March 2013

Blooming ‘Broads’ may well be on the cards!

The stunning Norfolk Broads is the chosen site for a trial using new technological methods to improve and enrich the waters at Cromes Broad. A clay based product is being added to the water to reduce the production of algae and so encourage the growth of new plants which should in turn increase new species and numbers of wildlife to the area.

Natural England has provided funding for the forward thinking project at How Hill Nature Reserve in the hope that lilies and pond weed will begin to bloom to replace the ever increasing algae levels and lead to a much improved ecosystem, supporting larger numbers of birds, fish, insects and pond life. The product which has been created and used successfully to treat other ponds across the world originates from Australian scientists. At a cost of £50,000 ecologists are convinced that it will create a much healthier environment for local wildlife, flora and fauna and will bring back some of the more rare species of water fowl and birds to this unique part of Norfolk for future generations to enjoy.