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Norfolk Food and Drink Guide

Norfolk may be famous for Turkeys but there are plenty of other food and drinks to try in the county. A rural location and miles of coastline combine to produce an abundance of fresh produce of all types and allied with a growing micro brewery culture, combine to make Norfolk a gourmet's paradise.

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Some produce is specific to the area, Samphire or "poor man's asparagus" grows along the North Norfolk coast and is a local delicacy, as are Cromer Crabs. There is a huge amount of locally grown produce available, much of it available through farmers markets or farm shops, and many growers offer door to door delivery services for convenience.

With access to so much fresh, locally produced ingredients, it is no surprise that Norfolk has many award winning places to eat and drink. From a fine dining, Michelin starred experience to the smallest corner café, Norfolk offers somewhere to suit your palette and purse. You can choose to eat in a variety of locations too, from a restaurant overlooking the sea, through a small, cosy village setting to a windmill, Norfolk offers a huge choice.

Norfolk is gaining a reputation for its many finely crafted drinks, especially from a growing micro brewery fraternity, fed up with mass produced ales. Some of the local pubs now produce their very own beers, brewed carefully, on site. Yetman's for example in Holt, have been brewing their own varieties for almost 20 years and have at least five different products. This is a growing trend and means you can find some really unique drinks, unavailable anywhere else, to sample on your travels.

We hope you enjoy the wonderful culinary delights Norfolk has to offer!