Norfolk can be a real surprise as it has a history of local self sufficiency that means it has very many unique and special places to shop. It abounds with picturesque villages characterized by small streets, alleys and village shops and a number, feature local artisans and their wares. Who for example would expect a world class natural soap maker, offering some of the most luxurious soaps available anywhere, tucked away in Wells-next-the-Sea? Being a rural area, there are plenty of opportunities to buy locally grown or caught produce.

Of course Norwich has all the excitement and shops to match those of any large city and is rated as one of the top shopping destinations in the whole of the UK. The great thing about Norwich is the layout. Quite compact, meaning it is easy to get around, the Market sits at the center and is one of the best outdoor markets with over 200 stalls colourfully adorned with canopies of stripped canvas. Sprinkled around the periphery is a rich assortment of lanes, alleys malls and any number of other shopping delights that make this an excellent place to visit.