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Churches, Abbeys & Castles

Norfolk has always been a wealthy area due to the success of the wool industry in the region. As a result many churches have been constructed in the area, in fact 1000 churches have been built in total across Norfolk and today 659 are still remaining. This is the greatest concentration of medieval churches in the world.

These beautiful constructions which add character to the flat Norfolk landscape are very important to the region and the people that live there. They tell the story of the history of Norfolk and contain the medieval works of craftsman who painted the interiors, screens and roofs which make the buildings so striking. Many of these churches are the focus of villages and have been there since Saxon times.

Norwich Cathedral which was built in 1096 took 200 years to complete and the stone was shipped all the way from Normandy. It survived the riots in 1272 and today dominates the city skyline.

Another great church to visit is St Helen's Church, here you can climb the church tower which offers fantastic views of the surrounding landscape on a clear day you can see the Norfolk Broads.

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Weeting Castle

Thetford, South Norfolk

Located at Brandon near Thetford in Norfolk, Weeting Castle is a medieval moated manor house constructed using local flint. It makes for an interesting visit and an insight into Norfolk history...

St Benets Abbey

Norwich, North Norfolk

Origianally set on an island, visitors can access the Anglo-Saxton monastery of St Benets Abbey by either boat or car. It includes a medieval gatehouse and 18C windmill and is well worth including on...

Baconsthorpe Castle

Sheringham, Norfolk Coast

Well worth a visit, the significant ruins of Baconsthorpe Castle, a fortified 15C manor house complete with a moat, that is evidence of the rise and fall of the previously very prominent Heydon family

St Andrew's Church Covehithe

Lowestoft, South Norfolk

The historic St Andrew's Church is at Covehithe in Suffolk and is open to visitors seven days per week. You are welcome to join in ht eservices or simply marvel at the architecture. So please do come...

Norwich Cathedral

Norwich, North Norfolk

Built by the Normans, Norwich Cathedral is a magnificent building, and hospitality will be extended to everybody who would like to visit, whether to worship or visit our coffee shop. We also offer...


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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 results